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Birch Family Services

Director of Quality Assurance

New York, NY, United States Full Time

Under the Supervision of the Compliance Officer, the Director of Quality Assurance shall develop and implement Quality Assurance initiatives including the monitoring of and evaluation of the quality of all programs and services at Birch Family Services.

The Director of Quality Assurance will assist in facilitating the application of all relevant federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies by identifying the need for policies and procedures, development of policies and procedures, implementation of policies and procedures and evaluation of policies and procedures.

The Director of Quality Assurance is responsible for incident management including the investigation of all incidents involving students, residents and other program participants at Birch.


  • Provide ongoing, supervision, direction and support to the Coordinators of Quality Assurance and other Quality Assurance staff for the Community Services and the Education Departments.
  • Chair the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Committee and coordinate all related activities.
  • Keep informed of all newly promulgated, modified and existing codes, rules regulations, adminstrative memoranda, protocols, manuals, etc. and inform Directors and Coordinators of all regulatory changes.
  • Interpret requirements for and provide support to the leaders of all services provided within with in Birch’s Education Department and Community Services Department.
  • Collaborate with Directors and Coordinators to develop, revise and assist in the implementation of internal management systems, tools and procedures to assess the implementation of policies and procedures designed to meet regulatory and agency standards.
  • Collaborate with Directors and Coordinators to assist with the development and/ or revision to policies in response to changes in city, state and federal regulations as well as changes in Agency standards.
  • Collaborate with Directors and Coordinators to monitor the completion of corrective actions and implementation of all recommendations resulting from special review meetings.
  • Prepare internal management audit reports on physical plant deficiencies, program deficiencies and other aspects of individual’s quality care, including summarization and analysis of findings, trends and recommendations for corrective action.
  • Provide training for Directors, Coordinators and Managers and their teams around federal, state and local regulations.
  • Respond to request from government agencies and meet with government officials when needed.
  • Prepare reports of Quality Assurance initiatives for the Corporate Compliance Committee.
  • Participate in Birch’s Corporate Compliance Committee, Incident Review Committee and Human Rights Committee meetings.
  • Coordinate the activities of special review committees (Human Rights Committee, Incident Review Committee and Informed Consent Committee).
  • Represent Birch at Conferences, Provider Association Committees or other relevant Government Professional entities.
  • Participate in Coordinators and Principals meetings and other programmatic meetings as needed.
  • Develop reports and statistical information related to audit preparation, special projects, committee work, etc.
  • Communicate Community Services and site specific trends in regulatory compliance and deficiencies and progress in meeting agency standards.
  • Ensure thorough investigation of all incidents and allegations of abuse/neglect to determine findings and to recommend actions to prevent further harm to individuals.
  • Review all incident investigative reports conducted by others to ensure that a thorough investigation was conducted and a thorough report was written.
  • Ensure all incidents are entered into IRMA as required and monitor IRMA for timely identification of incidents that may have been reported to the Justice Center without the Agency’s knowledge.
  • Ensure the reporting and submission of incidents to the Justice Center as required.
  • Ensure the submission of Corrective Action Plans (CAP) to the Justice Center as required.
  • Monitor and track abuse and neglect investigations conducted by the Justice Center.
  • Compile the information gathered during investigations to analyze trends.
  • Submit analysis of incident trends to the Incident Review Committee.


  • Master’s Degree in social work, psychology, special education or related field is preferred.
  • Incident Investigator Certification is preferred.
  • Knowledge of OPWDD, NYS SED, NYC BOE regulations.
  • Extensive experience (at least 5 years) in the field of developmental and intellectual disabilities, including at least 5 years at the supervisory level.
  • Extensive knowledge of Federal, State and local laws, regulations, codes and policies related to the specialized population of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.
  • Expertise in interpreting regulatory requirements, developing and implementing systems designed to meet service delivery mandates, writing policy and procedure in accordance with industry and agency standards, training staff to effectively meet their responsibility to provide excellent service.
  • Knowledge of Total Quality Management principles and program evaluation methodologies.

Additional Application Instructions

Interested applicants who meet the Director of Quality Assurance requirements may apply at

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