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Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

Job Developer

New York, NY, United States Full Time

Main Purpose of the Position:

Apply Chelton Loft's mission by working together with members to develop and coordinate the daily activities of the clubhouse. All staff hold a professional level, direct service position in a generalist role. An intricate part to the Program Coordinator/Staff Generalist role is engaging members in all aspects of clubhouse operations. The participation of members and staff is performed side by side to focus on the members' strengths, skills, and interests. Staff will offer a positive, supportive relationship that helps to build members' self esteem and encourage working toward identified goals, wellness and recovery.All work is carried out in a manner that is person centered with a focus on recovery from psychiatric illness/experience and/or co-occurring disorders (CoD).

Essential Functions

  • Identify individual members' strengths and talents to help guide employment search.
  • Participate in weekly employment development meeting, team meetings, employment meetings, unit meetings, clubhouse meetings, and philosophy/policy meetings.
  • Organize and structure daily work so that it is accessible to members.
  • Participate in evening/weekend/holiday program, acting as host, creating a festive atmosphere, and involving the membership.
  • Foster an atmosphere of belief in all members' ability to work.
  • Develop specific job opportunities that match the members' skills, work experience, related training and interests.
  • Screen and match Chelton Loft members with employment opportunities based on their skills, work experience, hobbies and interests.
  • Provide as much support as needed to assist members with employment goals.
  • Provide education and support to employers as agreed upon by the member -- this may include negotiating job accommodations and follow --along contact with the employer.
  • Maintains relationships with existing employers and establishes relationships with new employers who are willing to hire Chelton Loft members.
  • Pre-plan development activities to ensure the identification of opportunities to meet contractual obligations.
  • Achieve placement goals as prescribed and in accordance with Chelton Loft contractual obligations.
  • Assist with resume development, interview skills and job searches as necessary
  • Conduct reviews of existing Chelton Loft accounts on a regular basis to evaluate employer demand and usage of Chelton Loft services and determine how best to improve and/or leverage relationship to meet placement objectives.
  • Identify and develops a strategic service plan that serves both the employers' and Chelton Loft's placement needs.
  • Spend at least 50% or more of total work hours in the community engaging members, contacting employers for job development and providing follow-along supports.
  • Liaison between employers and Chelton Loft clubhouse.
  • Document consistently and accurately, in real time, all participant and employer contact, activities and outcomes into centralized database and EMR system (Foothold AWARDS).
  • Performs other job-related duties and responsibilities that will be assigned from time to time

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Sales Ability -- Ability to effectively network with others and influence them to change position and/or to convince them of the value of hiring Chelton Loft members.
  • Analytical Thinking -- Ability to anticipate problems and develop contingency plans to deal with them as well as evaluate and implement alternative courses of action.
  • Persistence -- Ability to continue a course of action in the face of adversity.
  • Positive, energetic, dynamic and engaging personality
  • Knowledge of and ability to follow Agency policies and procedures;
  • Knowledge of and ability to follow department policies and procedures
  • Working knowledge of mental illness preferred
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing;
  • Ability to be flexible, adapt to changing situations, meet deadlines, and work under pressure.
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative when appropriate
  • Ability to make presentations to groups and individuals
  • Must be computer literate.
  • Must have the ability to review and use labor market research, to analyze data, to prioritize and organize information and tasks and to customize job seekers' resumes.
  • Ability to coordinate with professionals from different backgrounds, working at different levels.
  • Knowledge in human resource management and recruitment procedures.
  • Skilled at establishing public relations and building up employment network.
  • Familiarity with variety of professions, its responsibilities and the required qualifications.
  • Updated knowledge about the job openings in all sectors and ability to access all sources providing information about job openings.
  • Knowledge of the Americans With Disabilities Act.



Education: Bachelor's Degree or relevant experience.


Minimum 2 years of experience in an inside or outside sales function, including account management experience. Proven success prospecting, building a pipeline, moving opportunities through the sales cycle and proposing, presenting and discussing a product with decision-makers. Successful track record of achieving and exceeding sales/prospecting quotas on a regular basis. Proven ability to effectively manage client relationships. Ability to report to management clearly and in a timely manner on sales activities.

Bilingual English/Spanish preferred (not required).

Equal Opportunity Employer

Additional Application Instructions

To apply please send resume to Suzanne Stoute, Program Director,

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